SCON believes in “Your Success is our Success”. We as an organization has put tremendous efforts towards adopting customer centric project execution processes. Which has resulted in to successful completion of more than 250 projects in 12 years of existence.

  • 12 years of existence
  • Successfully executed more than 250 Projects
  • Strong technical and managerial expertise
  • Huge expert’s and consultant’s network available for anytime technical support
  • Cordial relations with all stakeholders

Key Differentiators – Benefits for you

  • Flexibility of small organization, capability of big organization – enabler for large size projects
  • Aggressively adopt latest construction techniques – expedites development process, reduces timeline
  • Track record of timely completion of projects
  • Business requirement centric project management and execution – care for your business
  • Flexibility to accommodate high priority business requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for a Quality Management System – assured quality of delivery
  • ISO 45001:2018 certified for an Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) management system
  • Processes and documentation as per ISO 9001:2015
  • Total transparency in business – more clarity
  • Hierarchy less communication channel – hassle free communication
  • Huge supplier network with efficient purchase department – maximize the cost benefits
  • Large number of machinery and equipment is owned – reduced external dependency
  • Modern safety equipment for all workers and staff – no mishaps
  • Capability of executing project in worst weather conditions – no delays and assured completion
  • Quick mobilization with effective resource allocation – faster project kick-off
  • Zero labor problem – project delivered in time

Project with SCON, it is in safe & capable hands !
SCON is an organization driven by a group of very enthusiastic, highly motivated and mission driven professionals.


SCON Projects Pvt. Ltd. is in the field of construction of industrial and residential projects. We shall always fulfill customer expectation & enhance customer satisfaction by completing quality work in time.
Most important is to follow all Quality Standards of ISO 9001:2015 across all the projects.

We shall continually improve it’s quality management system through strong efforts of SCON Projects Pvt. Ltd. & their associates.
Treat quality as a critical aspect. Be passionate towards quality. Make sure the project is compliant with all quality standards. At every stage of development, follow the check list of quality and if compliant then move to next stage of development. Doing so, we guaranty assured quality to the customer. Because we feel “Path to project success starts from SCON“.

SCON is committed towards delivering quality without any compromises. We treat ever changing project requirements as challenges and our experienced staff and stringent quality procedures enable us to deliver the quality in the dynamic project environment. We have quality checks at every stage of project execution and we make sure to adhere to the standards and practices.

To ensure quality delivery, we have adopted checkpoint method…

  • Establish quality checklists for each task during the project planning. This is done by Project Manager and Quality Officer
  • Assign onsite Quality In-charge for each task to own the responsibility
  • As project progresses, revisit, mature the quality checklists to meet the customer requirements and priorities. This is done by Project Manager and onsite Quality In-charge
  • Present the prepared quality sheets during project status meetings, Raise the issues and concerns during the status meetings
  • If issues and concerns are not resolved, escalate to Chief Quality Officer for prompt resolution


SCON is committed to control accidents at its construction sites by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and constant awareness on preventive measures.

For three consecutive years, we received SAFETY AWARD from PCERF (Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation) for our three industrial projects…

Our projects are mishap free due to our conscious effort towards safety. Most of our customers have awarded us for our safety practices. These are few certificates which we have received.

Safety certificates presented by our satisfied customers

1500,000 Safe man hours certificate presented by Thyssenkrupp India Elevators

1000,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Horiba India

12,50,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Foton Motors

16,00,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
KSH Distriparks

100,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Smith & Nephew (Adler Mediequip)

100,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Coca Cola Bengaluru

1000,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Enzene Biosciences Ltd

100,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Kerakoll India

100,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Berger Paints

100,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
Hager Group

100,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by

1,00,000 Safe man hours
certificate presented by
MSS India Pvt. Ltd.

Safety Awareness Sessions on our sites

We always conduct safety induction programs, demonstrations, awareness sessions and training session on our each project sites. We also have safety park erected on our each and every site.

Our Safety Routine

Safety Committee

  • It includes, Site PM/QAE/Store keeper/Safety representative
  • A safety representative may be a JE or a supervisor
  • At least one meeting in a month should be held at site & MOM should be forwarded to Head Office
  • Safety representative shall deliver speeches on preventive measures to workers for running activities on weekly basis
  • Safety representative shall maintain the records
  • Safety representative should display a list of following emergency telephone numbers on notice board in site offices – Fire, Ambulance, Police station, Nearest Hospital / Doctor, Client Representative, Consultant / Arch. Engineer, Project Manager

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Safety Helmets
  • Safety belts used for workmen working on heights
  • Hand gloves used for material handling, gas cutter etc.
  • Safety goggles used for welding, grinding, concrete breaking
  • Gumboots for concrete work, cutting hard rocks, asphalting

First Aid Kit

  • Dressing cotton
  • General Medicines
  • 1” roller Bandage
  • 3” roller Bandage
  • Potassium Permanganate
  • Iodine bottle
  • Dettol, Burnol & Sofromycene
  • Knife & Scissorsg

Equipment Safety

  • Only trained operator should handle mechanical & electrical equipment
  • Ensuring mixer machine & weigh batcher is in perfect level before starting
  • Insertion of the loose wires in sockets without a plug should be avoided
  • Switchboards installed in open area should be protected from rain
  • Cube testing machine should be covered after testing the cubes
  • Vibrators and needles should be cleaned properly after its use
  • Avoid bending the needle while in running condition

Preventive Measures


  • Barricade the excavated area by barricading tapes

Concreting in foundations

  • Shoring & Strutting of trench/pit

Slab form work

  • Fix props truly vertical with proper bracing
  • Center steel span pin to be tightened properly
  • One attendant should be there where materials are likely to fall

Concreting of slab

  • Ensure the lift scaffolding installed / remains vertical
  • Avoid throwing of unused materials from upper floors
  • Walkways to be used for walking on slab reinforcement


  • Welding work should be away from the damp area
  • Temporary cables to be installed at height and not on floor
  • Cable joints to be properly insulated
  • Welding work should be done using gloves and protective eye gear

Masonry & Plaster

  • Throwing of waste materials should be avoided
  • Scaffolding should be sturdy & properly braced


  • Empty cement bags should be stacked properly after work
  • All shuttering materials should be stacked in defined areas
  • Neatness should be maintained at entire site


  • Use hooked/anchored safety belts when working on height
  • Use of helmets is must while on site


External dependency for machinery &tools can cause delays in project timeline. We anticipated this as a major issue from our client’s perspective. To avoid delays and enable smooth and fast paced project execution, we have added many machines and equipment to our force.

See below an extensive but not exhaustive list of machines and equipment.

Quality Control
Total Station 7 Nos.
Theodolite 15 Nos.
Auto level 30 Nos.
Concrete moulds 150 Nos.
Slump test cones 22 Nos.
Cube testing machine 15 Nos.
Moisture meter 8 Nos.
Weigh Balance 25 Nos.
Sand Sieve 21 Nos.
Metal Sieve 21 Nos.
Concreting Equipment
CP 30 2 Nos.
CP 25 4 Nos.
CP 20 6 Nos.
Concrete Pump 9 Nos.
RM 600 6 Nos.
Concrete Mixer 10/7 Diesel 16 Nos.
Concrete Mixer 10/7 Electric 8 Nos.
Tough Rider 1 Ton / 2 Ton 16 Nos.
Concrete Needle Vibrators Petrol 48 Nos.
Concrete Needle Vibrators Electric 22 Nos.
Weigh Batcher Machine 22 Nos.
Hoist 8 Nos.
Wheel Barrows 95 Nos.
Ele. Water Pump 40 Nos.
Diesel Water Pump 5 HP 14 Nos.
Tremix flooring system 6 Nos.
Tile polishing machine 7 Nos.
Excavation Equipment
Tata Hitachi EX 200 9 Nos.
Tata Hitachi EX 350 5 Nos.
JCB Excort 3 D 7 Nos.
D40 Kamatsu Bulldozers 2 Nos.
Dumpers ( TATA & LEYLAND ) 24 Nos.
Excort Vibro Roller ( 5250 ) 3 Nos.
BEML Motor Grader 3 Nos.
Hydraulic Breaker- Atlas Copco 5 Nos.
Crup Hydaulic Breaker MB 1600 7 Nos.
Crup Hydaulic Breaker MB 2200 3 Nos.
Hyva & Tata 1613 ( TC ) Dumpers 6 Nos.
Steel Shuttering
Cup-Lock Scaffolding 55000 sqm
Acro Spans 9000 Nos.
Props 16500 Nos.
Plates 14000 Nos.
Bressing Pipe 12000 Nos.
M S Couplers 25000 Nos.
M S Shikanja 4500 Nos.
H’ Frame Scaffolding 2800 Set
Ply wood formwork 50000 sqm
RMD Formwork 8500 sqm
Doka Shuttering 6000 sqm
Other Machinery
Tower Crane – 85 Mtr. 3 Nos.
Boom Lift 1 No.
Generator Set(125KVA,62KVA,30KVA) 25 Sets
Earth Compactor 15 Nos.
Drill Machine 25 Nos.
Grinder 15 Nos.
Welding Machine 24 Set
Ele. Breaker 14 Nos.
Mobile Crane 2 No.