ISO 9001:2015

ISO 45001:2018 (OH&S)



We are relentlessly focused on elevating our quality management system, a collaborative effort led by the dedicated team at  SCON PROJECTS PVT. LTD.  and our valued associates.

Quality SCON

We believe in 'DO IT RIGHT, FIRST TIME!'

Adhering to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards is paramount in all our projects. Whether it’s industrial or residential construction, we’re dedicated to meeting customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction through timely, high-quality work.

Place utmost importance on quality. Approach it with unwavering passion. Ensure every project aligns with the highest quality standards. At each development phase, rigorously follow the quality checklist before progressing. This guarantees our client’s assured quality. We feel, ‘Path to project success starts from SCON’.

SCON is committed towards delivering quality without any compromises. We treat ever changing project requirements as challenges and our experienced staff and stringent quality procedures enable us to deliver the quality in the dynamic project environment. We have quality checks at every stage of project execution and we make sure to adhere to the standards and practices.

To ensure quality delivery, we have adopted checkpoint method…

Project Planning

Establish quality checklists for each task during the project planning. This is done by Project Manager and Quality Officer.

Quality In-charge

Assign onsite Quality In-charge for each task to own the responsibility.

Requirements & Priorities

As project progresses, revisit, mature the quality checklists to meet the customer requirements and priorities. This is done by the project manager and onsite quality In-charge.

Issues & Concerns

Present the prepared quality sheets during project status meetings, Raise the issues and concerns during the status meetings.


If issues and concerns are not resolved, escalate to Chief Quality Officer for prompt resolution.

Client Satisfaction

With consultation of Chief Quality Officer and proper implementation in project execution till client satisfaction.